Virtual Worship Team Practice

Song Catalog

  1. 10,000_Reasons_(Bless_The_Lord)-D (PDF-Chords Only) –  10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) (YouTube)
  2. All Hail The Power of Jesus Name (MP3) – All Hail The Power of Jesus Name (PDF)
  3. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)-D (PDF) – Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (YouTube)
  4. A Mighty Fortress-C (PDF, Chords Only) – A Mighty Fortress-Lead – A Mighty Fortress (YouTube)
  5. Ancient of Days (PDF) – Ancient of Days (YouTube)
  6. A Pleasing Offering – Chords (PDF) – A Pleasing Offering (MP3)
  7. Beautiful Saviour (MP3) – Beautiful Saviour – Chord Sheet Key D (PDF) – Beautiful Saviour – Lead Sheet Key D (Music PDF)
  8. Better Is One Day-D – Better Is One Day-Lead DBetter is One Day (listen)
  9. Be Unto Your Name-C (Chords Only) – Be Unto Your Name (Lead Sheet) – Listen on YouTube
  10. Bless The Lord – Psalm 103-PDF – 01 Bless The Lord, O My Soul (listen)
  11. Blessed-Chords Only (PDF) – Blessed (YouTube)
  12. Blessed Be Your Name-A (CHORDS)
  13. Center (MP3) – Center (PDF)
  14. Christ the Lord is Risen Today – A (PDF) – Christ the Lord is Risen Today (YouTube)
  15. Come thou Fount-Simple 4(PDF) –Come Thou Fount (MP3)
  16. CreateInMe (PDF) – Create in Me (YouTube)
  17. Father I Adore You (Lead Sheet) – Father I Adore You-F (Chords Only)
  18. Give Us Clean Hands (Lead) G (PDF) – Give Us Clean Hands-G (Chords) – Give Us Clean Hands (YouTube)
  19. Grace Flows Down (PDF) – Grace Flows Down (listen)
  20. Have Thine Own Way Lord (PDF) – Have Thine Own Way (Listen)
  21. Hear Our Praises (MP3) – Hear Our Praises-5 chords (PDF)
  22. Here I Am To Worship-E (Chords) (PDF) – Here I Am To Worship LEAD (PDF) – Here I Am To Worship (YouTube)
  23. He Reigns with descant (MP3) – He Reigns (PDF)
  24. Holy Is The Lord-G (PDF)
  25. Holy Holy Holy Lord (MPD) — Holy Holy Holy Lord-Lead (PDF) — Holy Holy Holy Lord (PDF-chords only)
  26. How Deep The Father’s Love For Us (PDF) – How Deep the Father’s Love For Us (listen)
  27. How Great Is Our God-G (PDF) – How Great is Our God (listen)
  28. How Great Thou Art (PDF) – How Great Thou Art (listen)
  29. Hungry (MP3) – Hungry-C (PDF)
  30. I Bow Down – LeadI Bow Down (YouTube)
  31. I Love You Lord-D (1)(PDF) – I Love You Lord (YouTube) – note that this is slower than we’ll do it, but you can hear the melody at least 🙂
  32. I See The Lord D (MP3) – I See The Lord Chords in D (PDF) – I See The Lord – Lead in D (Music PDF)
  33. I Will Rise – Lead (PDF) — I Will Rise (YouTube)
  34. Indescribable-D (PDF)
  35. In the Secret (PDF) – In the Secret (listen)
  36. It Is Well (PDF) – It Is Well (listen)
  37. Kindness-D (PDF-Chords Only) – Kindness-Lead Sheet (PDF-MUSIC) – Listen on YOUTUBE (Note that this is in a different key from the music posted here)
  38. Kindgom Dreamer (PDF) – Kingdom Dreamer (listen)
  39. Let Everything That Has Breath-Chords (PDF) – Let Everything That Has Breath-Lead (PDF) – Let Everything That Has Breath (YouTube)
  40. Lord Most High with Harmonies (MP3) – Lord Most High (PDF)
  41. Make Us One (PDF) – 01 Make Us One Fri Night (MP3)
  42. Mighty To Save-Chords A (PDF) – Mighty to Save (YouTube)
  43. No Greater Love(PDF) – No Greater Love (Remain in Me) (Mp3)
  44. Once Again-D (Chords) – Once Again—Lead – Once Again (YouTube)
  45. One Heart (MP3) – One Heart Revised 2012 (PDF)
  46. O Sacred Head Now Wounded (PDF)
  47. Praise to the Lord (PDF) – Praise To the Lord (YouTube)
  48. Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord (PDF) – Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord (YouTube)
  49. Remembrance (The Communion Song) (PDF) – Remembrance (The Communion Song) (YouTube)
  50. Revelation Song – rehearsal Nov 11 (Listen) – Revelation Song-DRevelation Song D Lead
  51. Salvation Belongs To Our God-G (PDF) – Salvation Belongs to Our God (YouTube)
  52. Shield About Me – D – Lead Sheet (PDF) Shield About Me-D (PDF) Shield About Me (MP3)
  53. Shout to the Lord (PDF) – Shout to the Lord (YouTube)
  54. Shout To The North-E-Chords (PDF) – Shout To The North-Lead Sheet (PDF) – Shout to the North (YouTube-note this is a different key from our chord sheets but it will let you hear the melody)
  55. Still (PDF) –  Still (YouTube)
  56. The Heart Of Worship-D (Chords PDF) – The Heart of Worship – Lead – D (Lead PDF) – The Heart of Worship (listen)
  57. There Is A Redeemer-D (PDF) – There is a Redeemer (YouTube)
  58. The Wonderful Cross (PDF) – The Wonderful Cross (YouTube)
  59. Thy Word-D Chords only (PDF) – Thy Word LEAD – Music (PDF – Thy Word (YouTube)
  60. What Do I Know Of Holy-C  (PDF, Chords Only) – What Do I Know Of Holy-Lead (PDF) – What Do I Know of Holy (YouTube)
  61. What Wondrous Love Is This (PDF)
  62. You Are My King (Amazing Love)-D (PDF) – You Are My King (listen)
  63. You Are Holy (Prince Of Peace)-D (PDF) – You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) (YouTube)
  64. Your Great Name – A – Lead (PDF) – Your Great Name-A-1 (PDF) – Your Great Name (listen)
  65. Your Love Oh Lord-D Chords Only (PDF) – Your Love Oh Lord (Music) (PDF) – Your Love Oh Lord (YouTube)
  66. You’re Worthy Of My Praise-G (PDF) –   You’re Worthy of My Praise (listen)

Advent & Christmas Songs:

  1. Angels from the Realms of Glory (MP3) Angels from the Realms of Glory P1 (PDF – PAGE 1) Angels from the Realms of Glory P2 (PDF – PAGE 2)
  2. Arise Shine (PDF) – Arise Shine MP3
  3. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (MP3) Come Thou Long Expected Jesus MUSIC and CHORDS (PDF)
  4. Hark the Herald Angels Sing (MP3) | Hark the Herald (PDF)
  5. Immanuel (MP3) Immanuel Chords (PDF)
  6. Jesus is Born (PDF) Jesus Is Born (MP3)
  7. Joy to the World (MP3) | Joy to the World (PDF)
  8. O Come All Ye Faithful rehearsal (MP3) | O Come All Ye Faithful (PDF)
  9. O come, O come Emmanuel (MP3) – O Come O Come Emmanuel (PDF)
  10. O Little Town of Bethlehem (MP3) | O Little Town of Bethlehem (PDF)
  11. What Child Is This (MP3) | What Child Is This (PDF)

9 thoughts on “Virtual Worship Team Practice

  1. I think when church members heard me struggling through the guitar chords if
    they did’nt know how to pray they learned really FAST!!! Thanks for the opportunity
    & I look forward to continue learning if for no other reason than misery (mine) loves
    company. Norman

  2. Our church gave me a guitar !!! (I’ll be giving out autographs by next week)
    I’ll be the next Erick Clapton (yeah,right) As soon as I start doing concerts
    let’s do lunch–I’ll have my people call your people.

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