IAM Conversations Podcast Archive (2008-2012)

organizations-iam-conversationsA Word from the Host:

I started the IAM Conversations podcast when I was doing publicity for the 2008 International Arts Movement conference in New York City. I had a budget of about ten dollars for publicity (if that), so I tried to think of some creative ways to introduce some of the speakers who would be featured, as well as generate some buzz about the event. I recorded a series of very conversational interviews and made them available on the IAM web site. (My first guest, if memory serves, was my friend and co-worker—and incredibly talented musician and thinker—Kevin Gosa. He agreed to be my guinea pig. He sat out in the stairwell while I sat in the office so we could experiment with getting the sound levels just right.) Sadly, I seem to have lost those recordings. In fact, there are several I recall doing that I do not have copies of any longer, including the wonderful Susan E. Isaacs (actor, comedienne, and author of Angry Conversations With God, among other things), author and speaker Andy Crouch, who became a friend and colleague when we worked together some years later, actor Patricia Heaton, and others. If any of you reading this happens to have downloads of missing episodes, by all means, please contact me.

I did not plant to continue recording these conversations beyond that conference, but the feedback and encouragement I received prompted me to carry on. At some point I decided the podcast needed a name. Late one night, I sat on my bed in my Staten Island apartment searching for available domain names that had something to do with what I was doing. I don’t remember all of the things I searched, but I do recall finally searching “IAMconversations.com” and discovering it was available. That’s how the podcast got its name.

Some of the guests I featured were involved with IAM in some way, but many of them were not. As word got out, listeners started suggesting guests, publicists started reaching out, and over the next four years, I had amassed a catalog of over 80 interviews with artists, authors, poets, preachers, students, interns, social commentators, scientists, and more.

As I have been working on creating this catalog, a profound gratitude and humility has washed over me. What a gift I was given when I had conversational access to such a beautiful body of top-quality individuals. In several cases, after our conversation for the podcast, we continued in friendship. That was one of my favorite parts of this project: the relationships that grew from these interactions.

One of my favorite memories related to the podcast is from my trip to Cape Town, South Africa in 2010. A friend there, whom I had met in New York City some years earlier when she was there working as a nanny, suggested I meet a friend of hers who was an accomplished artist. We arranged to meet for coffee and for me to visit his studio. When we met and I introduced myself, he said, “I know who you are. I listen to your podcast.” I was floored. It was at that moment I realized that this thing was bigger than I had realized. (I went on to invite that artist, Alastair Whitton, to be a guest on the podcast. And, yes, he remains a friend to this day.)

On this page, I have created an archive of the interviews I did over those four years. Some of the information will be totally irrelevant—details about conferences and events that have long since passed—but most of what you’ll hear in these episodes are simply interesting conversations with engaging people.

I am indebted to artist David Tripp, who mentioned in passing once that he had most of the episodes of the podcast downloaded and backed up. When the IAM web site was closed down a few years back, all of the episodes disappeared. I had most of them backed up on a hard drive that was corrupted. Despite visits to several computer service shops in Seattle and Bellevue, the files could not be retrieved. It is thanks to David that I have any of them today.

I am also grateful to graphic artist Cory Lee Fuller, who designed a great logo for the podcast. I loved it then and I still do.

As long as I’m overflowing with gratitude, I want to also thank my colleagues at IAM who were so supportive of this project over the years: Bryan Horvath, Kevin Gosa (who loaned me one of his songs to use as the official podcast theme song), Meaghan Ritchey, Heidi Duncan, and founder Makoto Fujimura, whose encouragement and connections provided the seeds of the podcast.

If you catch any errors on this site, such as missing interviews or dead or mislabeled links, please let me know.

If you were one of the many people who gave me encouraging feedback on the podcast, thank you. I am so glad that these conversations were, in some way, edifying to you, and I would love to think they will encourage folks once again. There’s some really, really good stuff here.

Lastly, HUGE thanks to all of the incredible people who gave me a bit of their time to make this podcast possible. I am so blessed to have connected with all of you.

~ Christy

Feedback on IAM Conversations

“Christy Tennant is one of those alarmingly talented people you meet in New York, where she works at International Arts Movement and hosts a seriously entertaining and engaging podcast that has recently featured interviews with Billy Collins, Susan Isaacs, Nicholas Wolterstorff, and (as one untimely born) me.” – Andy Crouch, Culture-Making.com

“…lively and friendly interviewer Christy Tennant…” – Byron Borger, Hearts & Minds Books

“…the effervescent Christy Tennant…” – Matthew Milliner, FirstThings.com

“…the sensational Christy Tennant…” – Jeffrey Overstreet, LookingCloser.org

Episodes Alphabetically by Guests’ First Names

  1. Alastair Whitton, Artist
  2. Alison Stigora & Jay Walker, Artists & Curators
  3. Alissa Wilkinson, Critic/Journalist/Professor
  4. Allen Wolf, Filmmaker
  5. Andi Ashworth, Author & Charlie Peacock, Producer
  6. András Visky, Playwright

  7. Andy Crouch, Author
  8. Anne Jackson, Author
  9. Anne M. Doe Overstreet, Poet
  10. Ben + Vesper, Musicians
  11. Billy Collins, Poet
  12. Bret Lott, Author
  13. Bruce Herman, Artist
  14. Bryan Horvath, Entrepreneur
  15. Calvin DeWitt, Environmental Scientist (Parts 1 & 2)

  16. Carey Wallace, Author
  17. Corey Lee Fuller, Graphic Artist
  18. Daniel Nayeri, Author
  19. Dave Fuller, Creative Catalyst
  20. Deborah Henry, Author
  21. Dick Staub, Author/Broadcaster/Pastor
  22. Don Chaffe, Musician
  23. Donald Miller, Author
  24. Ebony Walden, Poet
  25. Edward Knippers, Painter
  26. Emile Klein, Portraitist
  27. Ena Heller, Museum Director
  28. Erwin McManus, Pastor/Author
  29. Eugene Peterson, Pastor/Author
  30. Gary Pozner, Composer
  31. Gregory Wolfe, Writer, Editor, Publisher & Teacher
  32. Heal Kashmir with Art
  33. Hope Thru Art (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4)

  34. Jacob Marshall, Global Citizen
  35. Jacob Marshall, Musician
  36. James Waller, Actor (Parts 1 & 2)
  37. Jeffrey Overstreet, Film Critic/Novelist
  38. Jeremy Cowart, Photographer
  39. Jerry Pinkney, Illustrator/2010 Caldecott Medal Winner
  40. Jessica Dickey, Actor
  41. Joan Ball, Author (Parts 1 & 2)

  42. Jonathan Pieslak, Author
  43. Joy Ike, Singer-Songwriter
  44. Justin McRoberts, Singer-Songwriter/Advocate
  45. Leonardo Le San, Pianist
  46. Lesley Leyland-Fields, Author
  47. Maureen Lovett, Creative Catalyst
  48. Makoto Fujimura, Artist
  49. Monica Lozano, Photographer
  50. Nate Clarke, Filmmaker
  51. Fr. Paul Anel, Priest
  52. Pat Nie-Woo, Businessman
  53. Patricia Heaton, Actor
  54. Patricia Simpson, Poet
  55. Paul Estridge, Homebuilder
  56. Philip Yancey, Author
  57. Ryan Stander, Artist
  58. Sandra McCracken, Singer-Songwriter
  59. Sara Groves, Musician
  60. Sara Zarr, Author
  61. Shayne Moore, Author
  62. Shann Ray, Author
  63. Sørina Higgins, Scholar/Poet
  64. Squire Broel, Artist
  65. Susan E. Isaacs, Actor/Writer/Lutheran
  66. Steven Garber, Teacher
  67. Steven James, Author
  68. Tim Lowly, Painter/Musician
  69. Trish Ryan, Author
  70. W. David O. Taylor, Author/Pastor
  71. Will Gray, Hip Hop Americana Artist