Don’t you love the power of reinvention? I sure do. Every so often, I do something to reinvent myself: a new haircut or color, a shopping trip for some new (or gently used) clothes, reorganizing my office, rearranging the furniture in my living room or bedroom. Even buying a blank journal has the power to give me the feeling of reinvention. All of these little acts do something to boost my morale and inspire me. A fresh start, some might call it. A reboot.

This past year, I’ve taken “reinvention” to a new level, though. In the past twelve months, I have moved across the country, started a new job, gotten married, and changed my name. My hair is much longer than it was a year ago, and I have swapped out most of my clothes since moving to Seattle, realizing that, while no one would accuse me of dressing exactly “New York Chic,” my east coast wardrobe just didn’t seem to fit once I became a Pacific Northwesterner. My knee-high black high-heeled boots aren’t as attractive to me as my Dansko clogs are now, and I opt for cozy rather than classy more often than I care to admit. I also started running this year, so I’m physically reinventing myself as a committed athlete, rain or shine. This has been a year of reinvention, it seems.

I was thinking about reinvention, because it’s New Year’s Day. Yes, I do realize that its actually January 2, but I spent New Year’s Day in bed with a nasty virus, so today is MY New Year’s Day. And while I have still spent the day in bed or on the couch, still quite ill, I was able to take advantage of the down time by watching one of my favorite reinvention films, The Devil Wears Prada.

I love stories of reinvention. I love the idea that if you don’t like who you are today, you can change. You don’t have to stay the mousy, repressed victim; you can break out, surprise the world, and be more than you were yesterday. Better than you were yesterday.

The end of a year is a time when I, like many others, examine my life and take stock. I do some pruning and planting, and head in to the new year with a sense of newness, hope, and possibility. I consider areas I failed myself, others, or God, and I seek to do better in the year to come. I consider things, habits, thought patterns, and, on rare occasions, people, that have held me back or dragged me down, and I do what I can to change their impact in my life. And I set goals, things I hope to accomplish in the coming year. Some are big (book a role on a major network television show), while others are relatively small (make the bed every day).

This blog has been reinvented, too. After contemplating whether to keep my maiden name or take on my husband’s name professionally, I’ve decided to make switch, so I’m now Christy Tennant Krispin. Since I had a really cute logo based on my old name, that means that I’ll need a new look, too; that will come in time. And one of my goals is that there will be a new post at least once a week.

How about you? Is the new year a time of reinvention in your life? I’d love to hear about it. What are some things you’re leaving in 2011? What are some things you’re hoping for in the new year?

4 thoughts on “Reinvention

  1. Yes, I would have to agree. I think it’s as much PNW as it is MRS. Being married has mellowed me more than I ever imagined it would. In a very good way 🙂

  2. Read at a perfect time, Christy as I am in the process of NOT making resolutions but reinventions (thanks for the word 🙂 ) in writing, blogging health etc. Wonderful to hear about changes in your life since relocating!

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