The Comedy of Errors (or, if you prefer, Our Engagement Story)

Kate Middleton and I have something cool in common now: we both have sapphire engagement rings.

On Saturday, the man I love asked me if I would be has wife, and I said, “Yes. Of course!” Then, seemingly out of thin air, he produced a small box that contained a beautiful ring, which he had commissioned to be made for me by a ring designer in Phoenix.

This all took place in his pick-up truck, in the rustic town of Roslyn, Washington. If you ever watched Northern Exposure, you might recognize Roslyn; the show was filmed there.

My fiancé describes that day as “the comedy of errors,” because nothing about the day went as he had planned. We got a late start, the place we went first was crawling with tourists and kitsch, and then, when we found a nice park to take a romantic stroll through, it started to rain.

It started to rain hard.

In the hopes that we would ditch the rain in exchange for some nice, big snowflakes, we took a detour to Roslyn, only to find ourselves driving around in even harder rain. And by then, it was completely dark out. Karl’s hopes of proposing on a nice, romantic walk through the snowy mountains were dashed by unseasonal rain. Finally, he pulled over, cleared his throat, and proposed.

Right there in his truck.

It was perfect.

# # #

The funny thing is, according to Karl, everything (or at least lots of things) went “wrong” that day. Yet everything ended up exactly as we hoped: when all was said and done, we were engaged to be married. Success!

We went to a wine shop there in Roslyn and bought an expensive bottle of Croatian wine from a woman named Kristi who, as it turns out, thought we were high when we came in. (I can’t imagine why. I suppose it could have been because of Karl’s inability to select a wine or my moony-eyed, dazed face that kept erupting in a goofy smile followed by an even goofier giggle.)We thought about eating somewhere in Roslyn, but when we checked out the only restaurant that looked like a good possibility, we could see a football game being projected on big screens. Not exactly perfect conditions for a celebration of love.

So, we took our new bottle of Croatian wine and drove back to Seattle, calling family and friends to share the news. My parents and grandmother, who knew what was coming that day, had a bottle of champagne at the ready, which they popped open, toasting us via speaker phone. There was a lot of squealing going on at my parents’ house, which made it even more fun for us.

The night of our engagement ended with Karl and I making a very simple dinner together, which we ate while sitting on the couch, listening to Norah Jones. After that, we started talking about Our Wedding Plans.

None of this was part of our plan. But I have to say, I had a couple of moments during all of this when I kind of sensed God’s pleasure. I felt God’s spirit right there, steering and guiding us.

# # #

For someone such as me, who likes to be (or, more accurately, feel) like she is in control of things, there was a life lesson in this, namely, that even when things do not go according to plan, the outcome can be ideal. We got a late start on Saturday. We took some detours. We were at the mercy of the weather, and the weather was not kind. Yet still, here I am, looking down at my left ring finger every few minutes to be reminded that, yes, I am really engaged.

And I love our story, which neither of us would have come up with on our own.

And not only that, but when we called to tell my parents about how it all went down, my dad told Karl, “I proposed to Christy’s mom in the car too.”

It’s almost like the detour was the exact, right path to What Was Meant To Be.

# # #

How great would it be if we could see all of life’s detours and inconveniences and comedies of error as gifts, rather than problems? What would life be like if we actually believed that God was directing our steps and working all things together for good, rather than growing frustrated when our plans were thwarted?

I love the story we have. It is not what Karl planned, but it is perfect.

I love that I will always be able to revisit the place where he proposed, at least as long as he has this truck, because it will be parked in front of our house.

I love that my mom and I were both proposed to in our fiancés’ cars.

I love that he gave me a sapphire ring that was custom made by a woman who spent a good chunk of time listening to him talk about me before she started designing the ring.

I love that we are engaged. I love that, come May, I will be Mrs. Karl Krispin. As my friend Jeffery Overstreet pointed out, I will have one of the catchiest names on the planet.

But mostly, I love it when God’s plan comes together.

Now that I think of it, I probably need this lesson now more than ever. After all, I am about to start making some pretty important plans.

11 thoughts on “The Comedy of Errors (or, if you prefer, Our Engagement Story)

  1. Love your words on your engagement and the chance of getting to know you! Just created the website fyi (I have about 9 others!) so be tolerant.
    Blessings on your engagement, Christy, and thank you for being the person you are.

  2. Right before Michael was about to propose to me, his hand clutching the ring box, the sweat pouring off his brow, he presented the ring to me and the train conductor said over the loudspeaker, “You most likely will get a good whiff of fresh manure about now.” (We were in PA’s Amish Country). It was perfect. : )

  3. Wow Christy I absolutely LOVE this!! What a story. Amazing how God worked everything together. Congrats again Christy! & how unique a sapphire ring, Cool! I can’t wait to see it! May is gonna fly by, super excited for you guys.

  4. Love the story! I am so glad that it turned out perfectly. Now, about that ring… have I not waited long enough to see a picture of it???? 🙂 Love you and your future HUSBAND!!!!! ❤

  5. Dearest Karl and Christy,

    It was a pleasure to meet you Christy and spend the end of one and the beginning of another year with you both. You are both incredible mates that God made for you each. Christy is beautiful Karl and talented and loves – Karl is a tremendous man of God and well cute too. I hope that you have the best post engagement and pre-marriage times ever. In our way of thinking – you both are getting an incredible mate and someone that will be easy to love and care for…

    Perhaps I talked too much but happy couple recognize other lucky couple after 32 years – our marriage is our favorite subject so to restate a few simple things that work for us:

    1) Fight FOR each other and not WITH each other.
    2) Never tell family or friend about how your mate is a jerk or fails you until you have tried work out everything together, in the end only you two can keep the marriage alive with God, sacrifice and common sense.
    3) Some days it will be you two together against the whole world – it helped us so much to take care of our partner – don’t lose site of your goals to protect your mate at all cost when you go into battle against evil and fools,
    4) Do the opposite of keeping score – outdo the other one with kindness – sacrifice yourself and your needs for the others!
    5) Never let society tell you that you look stupid because you kiss in public or caress the other,
    6) Love is infectious even to one another!
    7) Forgive just as fast as you get mad!
    8) Say you are sorry first and mean it, fix the problems early,
    9) Thank you in-laws for your gift of a spouse every time you see them,
    10) And put God first – I like the book entitled – God, Family and Work and in that order – I forget the author’s name but I read this at Laity on 12/30/2010.

    God took a rib from man’s side so that you could be equal and walk side by side – not from our foot that we might stand on our mates. Trust one another and forgive the others failures and mistakes and enjoy one another, forever. Congratulations!

    Love Jane and Glenn

  6. Congratulations to both of you!
    It seems like just yesterday, when you told me over dinner that you are still hoping for that one special man, but that you also were content where you were at the moment. And then suddenly everything changes! Reminds me of some other couple where everything ended up happening very quickly.. I think you sang at their wedding 🙂
    Now I could only wish you would get married on May 17th.. Since that is a Tuesday, I doubt that will happen.
    God bless you greatly!

  7. Because I HAD to, please enjoy this actual dialogue from The Muppet Show, episode #1.2 (1976):

    Ernie: And here he is now, that suave and sophisticated showman. My old buddy Bert. Well Bert, what do you say?
    Bert: Some Enchanted Evening.
    Ernie: I beg your pardon, Bert?
    Bert: You may see a stranger.
    Ernie: What’s going on here?
    Bert: You may a stranger across a crowded room/And somehow you’ll know, you know even then/That somewhere you’ll see her again and again/Who can explain it? Who can tell you why?/Fools give you reasons/Wise men never try.
    [Connie Stevens emerges and begins dancing with him]
    Bert: Oh, Connie… Once you have found her never let her go/Once you have found her never let her go.

    Never let her go, Karl. I know you won’t. And I’m so glad.

    Love ALWAYS,

  8. Christy and Karl,
    Although I have only know you guys very briefly; Karl for one evening and Christy for about 10 days, I am very excited for the two of you. I do remember Christy telling me about this guy named Karl that everyone loved about a week before the engagement happened. Just wonder how much of a surprise it was. I don’t think you two will have any serious issues in your marriage as long as you put the Lord first, and it sounds like that’s a no brainer! Looking forward to getting to know the both of you. Mike Muller

  9. Yahoo! I was wondering when I’d hear…figured it would be soon. So excited for you guys. Congratulations. You’ve entered a whirlwind season–grace to you in the travels, conferencing, moving and wedding planning. As one whose wedding venue had 51 inches of snow (highways closed & etc.) on our wedding day, God showed up in beautiful ways and adventured with us. It won’t all go as planned–sometimes it will be wonderful, and sometimes the wonder will arrive much later, after you’ve walked through the pain. Life outside the garden is like that, but it’s so beautiful to have one to walk with, to be a guardian of your solitude. And grace to you in the transitioning of sharing life intimately with Karl, of learning to guard each others’ solitude after many years of independence. It’s an adjustment that can be bumpy, but is so well worth it. So I bless you with grace, wonder, beauty, laughter, and more grace!

  10. I haven’t caught up on Facebook in a while and suddenly today I read about your most HAPPY news!!!! 🙂 I’m SOO overjoyed for you Christy and can’t wait to meet Karl!! 🙂

    Remember our first convo: “Wait, your name is Christine? I’m Christine! You’re 25? I’m 25! You’re from Virginia? I’m from Virginia! You’re an actress? I’m an actress!” Now add to that list: “Your husband proposed to you in the car? My husband proposed to me in the car!”

    My heart is so glad when I think of your present joy. How faithfully you have waited for this day. How you have held out for the best, and only the best will do for my Christy. Remember when I left you a message about the dream I had of your wedding? How overwhelming it will be to see that come true.

    All our love and best wishes!!
    Steve, Christine, Micah & Ian

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